Prijsdokter Expat has a full range of insurance available. Let Prijsdokter Expat take care of:

Health insurance

Health insurance is required in the Netherlands. You need health insurance to work and live in the Netherlands. We’ll arrange insurance for you depending on your wants and needs. We work with every health insurance company, so we can help you apply and choose the right provider.

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Property insurance

We’ll get you the best insurance coverage, in most cases all- risk, depending on what you want and need.

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Funeral insurance

In case of sudden death, it’s always good to have insurance that will take care of you if the unthinkable happens. We can insure you for different amounts and/or services.

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Car insurance

If you want to buy a car while you're here, we can help you find the right insurance. Depending on what you're looking for, we can offer a wide range car insurance. If you want to transport other people, you’ll need insurance for that, too (optional but recommended).

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