Prijsdokter Expat will make sure that all connections are set up in your new home within 24 hours,
free of charge and with the lowest price guarantee. Let Prijsdokter Expat take care of your:


The best insurances for you.

Prijsdokter Expat will arrange the insurance you need to live and work in the Netherlands. It’s important to have home insurance in case something happens, like damage to your things, the property or to you or other people. We use our years of experience and expertise to find the right kinds of insurance to help our expat clients settle in.

  • Health insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Funeral insurance
  • Car insurance

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We provide energy and gas tailored to actual usage in your home as well as the number of people who will be moving in. We'll use that information to find you the right provider at the best rate.

  • Flexible contract
  • Competitive price
  • 100% green energy
  • Set-up within 3 days

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Energy & Gas

Adjusted to fit your home's usage.

Internet, TV & Telephone

We provide all-in-one packages from a range of providers. We've put together offers with the best connection and best signal around. We can also add on extras like Netflix or HBO if requested.

  • Set-up within approx. 5 days
  • Flexible contract in case you move early
  • All combinations available
  • Regular specials and discounts

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Decide for yourself what kind of data, text and calling packages you want, or if you want a smartphone included. If you use our Dutch providers, we can help you find the right provider with the right mix of features. We’ll handle your data bundle as well as unlimited texting and calling. We also offer subscriptions with phone included.

  • Very affordable data bundles
  • The best and nationwide 4G coverage network
  • Available with smartphone included
  • Set-up within 3 days

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Mobile Phone

Determine your own number of GBs, texting and calling. Optional with smartphone.